Joe Atkins

‘Forex’ Joe Atkins, a trader in the Forex market since November 2001, is the chief Forex Strategist for 21st Century Forex Trader.

‘Forex’ Joe has more than 30 years of experience as a Sports Analyst and found that trading Forex was similar to teaching others how to succeed as a profitable sports bettor. The Probability Factor Mathematical and Statistical Analysis concepts used in sports betting led to more than a three-year exhaustive study in the Forex markets.

According to ‘Forex’ Joe, “The numbers don’t lie. Therefore, by using tested, proprietary formulas we are able to find reoccurring situational opportunities to identify prime entry and exit points using mathematical and statistical analysis under current market conditions as guidelines. Once these numbers are found, they have HUGE significance. Then the mindset concepts come into play, determining ones fate after finding your style of attack.”