Rob Helean

Rob Helean is a Forex trader, an educator, and a mentor. Forex was portrayed to Rob as being extremely difficult. Technical and fundamental analysis were such broad subjects to learn. Long hours were required trading live markets meaning personal sacrifices had to be made, and the pressure put on your mind was similar to that put on a professional sportsman. No wonder 95% of traders fail.

It wasn’t long into his journey as a trader, that he realized he was doing it all wrong, he was working too hard and not smart. After taking a huge step back from the charts, Rob began looking at the big picture, thinking of strategies that were simple and relatable and would be profitable in the long-run. To test and continuously improve, back testing tools were a must. To manage the long hours in front of charts, I stared exploring ways to use automation.

Analyzing and trade planning were not the challenge. With experience, analysis can be done in a few minutes a day and the resulting trade plans could last for days or weeks. The challenge was to get it executed. Sitting days in front of the charts waiting for setups to materialize and then to act on them. This is where software is most effective. My team discovered that having the software only execute the tactics of our strategy adds safety and more consistent results. So we started focusing on the execution of the tactics – trade entry and trade management logic, accompanied by a very flexible GUI to allow entering the strategy.

After years of development, testing, optimization, and refinement have paid off, resulting in an incredible trading strategy. We are so confident in its success, we have started New Generation FX as a commercial venture to sell trading signals and other trading services.