Ross Barnett Terry

Ross Barnett Terry began his career in options as a market maker in 1985 on the floor of the CBOE in the Chrysler pit shortly after Lee Iacocca had taken over as the head of Chrysler. He went off floor after the crash in 1987 and the broader markets and futures trading as well as technical analysis and price projecting.

In 1997 Ross joined the Arbitrage Group which was on the cutting edge of the technological evolution on the exchanges which soon after became the norm as more and more trading groups went to live skew feeds via hand held computers.

Ross left to go back to an individual position trader under Bridgeport securities where he traded in the Microsoft DPM, trading through the 9/11 fiasco which wreaked havoc on all exchanges again changing the dynamics of the game.

In 2007 Ross joined Think or Swim’s trade desk as a Securities Representative where he helped to apprise customers of risk/reward and the intricacies of their premier platform which was eventually bought out by TD Ameritrade.

In all, after 25 years in an industry and being on both, the Market Making end, as well as, the customer service end, Ross considers himself a well-seasoned veteran within the options industry.