Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews, co-founder and CEO of InvestiQuant, Scott’s first trade was in 1991 and he started trading full time in 2004.  Frustrated with the many short-comings of discretionary, chart-based trading, Scott quickly migrated to back-testing and quantifying all of his trades, prior to entry, using historical analysis.  After achieving great success trading the opening gap, and at the encouragement of fellow traders, he began sharing his daily gap trades and statistical analysis online in 2007 and ultimately launched Master The Gap in 2008. Ultimately Scott has published over 1,500 daily gap analysis videos and his exact gap trading plan prior to the market open each morning for his subscribers since 2007.  Scott is highly respected for his comprehensive analysis and is affectionately known by professional and retails traders around the world as “The Gap Guy.”

Much of his quantitative research and analysis has been published in the industry’s leading journals including Futures Magazine,  Active Trader,  SFO, Trader Magazine,  Trader Planet, Traders Library, INO, and many more. Scott has also been a popular speaker at many World Money Shows and Traders Expos,  as well as numerous traders’ meet-up and investing groups.