Keith Fitschen

Keith Fitschen has been developing technical trading systems for the futures markets for over 30 years and has actively traded his systems during that time. His initial research was on the quantification of "curvefitting" in system development and resulted in a methodology that relates the degree of overfitting to the number of trades in the development sample. With this methodology he developed Aberration, one of the most successful mechanical systems ever. Developed in 1986, it was commercially released in 1993 and has four times been named "One of the Top Ten Trading Systems of All Time".

Keith also developed the "Start-Trade Drawdown" criteria, which is a better measure of risk to a small-account trader than traditional drawdown metrics. He has spoken at numerous technical conferences and workshops, and hosts seminars across the country about ten times a year.

With a masters degree in electrical engineering, Keith has developed guidance systems for tactical air-launched weapons and acoustic tracking systems. It is this expertise in noisy time-series data that has lead to his success in developing trading systems for market data. After a 20 year military career, Keith started TradeSystem, Inc.