Mitch King

Before he became the founder of, Mitch was just out of college when he made his first purchase of a stock. He bought MCIC (MCI Long Distance) at about $8/share in 1979 from a Shearson American Express retail broker. Within a couple of months he sold it at $13 and was hooked! Unfortunately the commissions were huge, the spread was outrageous and the broker’s idea of timing was something like... "Yeah, we will get it done sometime today."  Fortunately, today we have powerful and inexpensive computers which allow us to get information at high speeds. Execution of the trades and the reporting of your confirmations come back to you in a few seconds. You have free quotes, free research, free analytical tools, tiny spreads between bid and ask and very low commissions. Mitch looks forward to teaching, coaching, mentoring, encouraging and occasionally scolding you on how to put yourself in a position to make a lot of money. His program teaches powerful techniques that he has developed and used over the last 19 years.