Martin Rimes

With more than 25 years of experience (10 years of full time trading), Martin Rimes has spoken at trading conventions, provided numerous free webinars on trading, moderated a free internet trading chat room, and recently provided professional peer book review. An ardent mentor of simplified trading concepts, Martin provides "hands-on" assistance learning and trader instinct development...without the hype.  Martin takes pride in working with small groups of dedicated and focused traders from newbie to professional money manager.  Each client is treated with respect for the difficult journey involved in learning the trading game. His world-wide client base has one thing in common: building a consistent trading practice. Most have gone through numerous methodologies and are seeking a more relaxed "kitchen table" approach.  He helps each student achieve goals through simplified trading strategies avoiding complexity.  Martin focuses on high probability follow-through opportunities.  He has hand-picked (through much personal trial and error) the trade set-ups he wished he had known when he first started trading. Martin’s approach is heavy on visual chart reading, yet longer term trades utilize company fundamentals for stocks as well as seasonal factors affecting various commodities and financial futures.