Doc Severson

Doc Severson is Trading Concepts’ primary Options mentor and has been with the team since 2010.

Doc used to be your typical corporate guy, with a successful 20-year career in Telecommunications until the felt the limitations of the glass ceiling that so many others have felt as well. That all changed the day that he attended a seminar on trading Options, where he finally realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life – focus his analytical skills on the Market to create cash flow.

Doc immersed himself in the field to attain mastery, eventually moving to Chicago to learn “Prop” trading from the best in the business.

Due to popular demand, Doc has been mentoring other traders since 2005, and specializes in Index-based options selling with a heavy emphasis on risk management. He owns ASEET, BSEE and MBA degrees, and is an adjunct professor of Economics at a local junior college.

He currently resides in central Ohio with his wife and three children, and looks forward to sunny days and quiet markets so he can train on his bike.