March, 2014 Syndicated Archives


3/4/2014: VIX-atility, By: Randall Liss

3/5/2014: The Weekly In Review, By: Randall Liss

3/6/2014: Two Measures of Volatility, By: Randall Liss

3/7/2014: Reminiscences of an Option Operator, By: Randall Liss

3/10/2014:Exchange Traded vs OTC, By: Randall Liss

3/11/2014: Happy Anniversary!!, By: Randall Liss

3/17/2014: Mission Statement, By: Randall Liss

3/18/2014: Back to Basics, By: Randall Liss

3/19/2014: Exercise and Assignment, By: Randall Liss

3/20/2014: Open Interest Explained, By: Randall Liss

3/21/2014: Yankee or Continental?, By: Randall Liss

3/24/2014: You Give the Orders, By: Randell Liss

3/25/2014: Assume a Frictionless Market, By: Randell Liss

3/26/2014: Weekly Options? Maybe For You, Not For Me, By: Randell Liss

3/27/2014: Take a LEAP!, By: Randell Liss

3/31/2014: HFT Rigs the Market Against You, By: Randell Liss

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